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So what’s the PLUS in ARTS-ED PLUS? It’s your academic record and how it matches up with the schools you have in mind. There’s no question but what transcripts, essays and test scores are important, even at schools like Juilliard. Some schools will forgive a couple of bad grades if your dancing, monologue and song all blow them away but, on the other hand, some universities require that you be admitted to the university first before they give much consideration to your audition. More and more, schools looking to find the most talented students are also looking for the smartest ones. Admission officers look at a broader picture of you—your audition PLUS what your high school is like, the rigor of your academic schedule, how you are doing in your classes and even what you’ve taken as electives as well as your test scores. We review your grades and scores, watch for areas that may need more support and help you find it, and advise you about essay topics and recommendation letters. No matter your major, academics are really important.
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